The Archaeological Imaging Research Consortium (ArcImaging) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Private Foundation which is focused on researching biblical and historic sites based on the scientific means of Archaeology, Satellite Imaging, Ground Penetrating Radar, and Airborne Remote Sensing with on-site archaeological studies. ArcImaging compiles results from Archaeological Surveys, Digital Elevation Models, Satellite Imagery, and Photograph Surveys in a common database which is composed of various text and imagery data and other pertaining multimedia data.

The largest university in Eastern Turkey, Ataturk University, and ArcImaging have signed three agreements to collaborate on archeological studies in Eastern Anatolia (Turkey). ArcImaging is working with the Ataturk University Archaeology Department under the direction of the Faculty of Sciences & Arts.

ArcImaging President Rex Geissler has worked with Ataturk University in Erzurum, Turkey since 2000. ArcImaging posted the Turkey Photo Album from their work with Ataturk University and travels around Turkey in 2000.

ArcImaging hosted the Rector and Dean of Sciences & Arts who are over the Archaeology Department at Ataturk University, Turkey, for an international team meeting, which included many scientific tours and ArcImaging presentations.

The Turkish Embassy announced on October 10, 2001 that for the first time since 1990 an international research group, ArcImaging, received federal permission from the Turkish Government and various Turkish Ministries to perform research on Mount Ararat. ArcImaging was extremely pleased and grateful to the nation of Turkey and to Ataturk University for their support in this scientific research.

Based on the 2001 ArcImaging permission granted by the Turkish Government entities, the ArcImaging Team directed by Dr. David Livingston and coordinated by Rex Geissler, conducted the productive 2001 ArcImaging Mount Ararat Research Expedition & Survey, retrieving several hundred artifacts. ArcImaging looks forward to working together with the nation of Turkey as this scientific research continues over the upcoming years and decades to come.

ArcImaging President Rex Geissler was a guest at his Excellency Turkey's 7th President Kenan Evren's Scholarship Dedication for Turkish Studies at Florida Atlantic University on March 25-26, 2002. ArcImaging is a financial supporter of the scholarship fund and of T.A.B.E.C., the Turkish-American Business, Education, & Cultural Development Committee that helped coordinate the scholarship fund in President Evren's name. ArcImaging was fortunate to meet with and discuss Mount Ararat Archaeological Research in collaboration with Ataturk University with President & General Kenan Evren, Turkey's Minister of Culture Istemihan Talay, the Turkish Ambassador to America in Washington D.C. Dr. O. Faruk Logoglu, former United States Secretary of State, Chief of Staff, & General Alexander Haig, United States Congressman Robert Wexler, the Honorable Ismet Karading, Mayor of Marmaris, Turkey, and Florida Atlantic University President James Catanese in Boca Raton, Florida.

ArcImaging officers/directors B.J. Corbin, Gary Pryor and Rex Geissler originally discussed Mount Ararat research with T.A.B.E.C. President Suheyla Gencsoy and her husband Tahsin in Ft. Lauderdale. Suheyla has supported ArcImaging and has discussed this research with numerous officials in Turkey.

Photos of the Presiden Evren / Florida Atlantic University events are available by clicking here

ArcImaging published photos from their May 2006 Turkey visit to Ankara, Cappadocia, Erzurum, Hittite Empire cities, and Mount Ararat. The first photos available are from the Hittite Empire Capital cities of Alacahöyük, Hattusas/Bogazkale, and Yazilikaya Rock Sanctuary and were taken by Ercument Kurtoglu, David Graves, and Rex Geissler.

The Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS) held a debate on the landing site of Noah's Ark November 15, 2007. Dr. John Morris of ICR moderated the debate, where ArcImaging President Rex Geissler took the position of defending Mount Ararat as the landing site while Rapid Response Report President Bill Crouse took the position of defending Mount Cudi as the landing site.

Photos during the debate and conference are located here, which included attendees such as Dr. John Morris, Elfred Lee, John McIntosh, Bill Crouse, Dr. William Shea, Gordon Franz, Dr. Charles D. Willis, Gary & Gayle Byers, David Graves, Mike Luddeni, Rick Lanser, and Dr. Bryant Wood.

Rex Geissler's presentation during the debate is located here.

ArcImaging is a group of researchers that focus on using the latest remote sensing and archaeological technology for biblical sites of interest. We welcome your interest and support!